Monday, June 7, 2010

Here She Is!!

Thank you again all so much for your thoughts and prayers. I got permission to show you a photo of this little Sweetie. This photo was taken just a few hours after she was born. Elisabeth continues to do well. The heart murmur she was born with is gone. Her collar bone is healing nicely. She is still having a bit of trouble getting rid of jaundice and is continuously going in for tests...but hopefully soon that will be cleared up too. Did you notice her second name?????...I am totally Tickled Pink that it is Ila!!!! She is So Sweet!!. We spent a few days at my daughters place helping out. Now we are just going in and out to see her and help if needed be. The only live in the next city which is only 25 minutes away...but I have to admit...I wish they lived even closer!! next I suppose most grandparents feel the same way. Have a Wonderful Day Everyone!!....Big Hugs!!....Ila

Friday, June 4, 2010

Good News!!

Little Elisabeth is doing well...and will be on her way home soon!! She was born with a broken collar bone (healing nicely) and a not so rare baby heart defect which has been checked out and will go away by itself. Thank You ...Thank You all So Much !!for your prayers and support!!...You are all So Wonderful!!!! was so comforting to have you kind and loving people praying for her from all over the world!! Big Big Hugs from all of us!!! ...Ila

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Prayer Request!!

Hello Everyone.... I have a little something to ask all of you. We became grandparents to the most beautiful little girl in May. She is experiencing some health problems at the moment. Would you and could you say a little prayer for little Elisabeth and her parents. Thank you all so much!! Hugs to all!! Ila