Monday, March 31, 2008

G'day Mate!! Walkabout Wally!!

I made this card to participate in the Cute Card Thursday Challenge.

This week the challenge is to make a cute card with people in it. I think "Walkabout Wally" from High Hopes Stamps sure qualifies in that category.

Walkabout Wally and the G'day Mate Sentiment are both from High Hopes new release Jungle Stamps.

I also used the SC169 sketch for this card....

Walkabout Wally is on dimensionals...and his hand and stick are cut outside of the top layer.

The red X's are done with embroidery floss...I was inspired by Crissy's (#1artist4highhopes) Amazing card!..

The dragon fly was a button ....I took off the back and added the wire. I put diamond glaze on the binoculars and leaves.

The recipe:

Image is colored with Prismacolor pencils (OMS) and H20's

Stamps: All High Hopes Stamps - G'day Mate, Walkabout Wally

Paper: whisper white, PC slab V, basic grey, always artichoke, WT Black CS

Ink: stazon black, old olive, bashful blue, close to cocoa

Accessories: fibre, dragonfly button, wire, stitching, dimensionals, diamond glaze, embroidery floss, watercolor crayon for spattering.

Have a Great Day!! and Thanks for looking!!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Goodies, Tags and Awards!

It's time to show you all the Wonderful goodies I've won. Talk about being lucky!! I'm one lucky Gal!!

The first photo is Fabulous Blog candy from Katharina along with a Beautiful card. Check out her Wonderful Blog !! here...Katharina's Creative Place Katharina is Super Talented and always has Gorgeous sketches and projects going on.

This second photo is the Fabulous Blog candy from Aud....check out her Wonderful Blog! here...My Little Corner. She not only has Gorgeous creations ...but also... Fabulous stamps for you to buy!!

Tags and Awards!

I am so honered to have recieved these awards from all these Lovely ladies..

This award I recieved from Design

This award I recieved from's Blog STAMPIN ....and was thinking

This Award I received from Cards

Thank you all!!! Not only are all these ladies Talented and Inspirational....They all Make My Day! as sure to check out their Fabulous Blogs!!

I can see these Awards have been going around quite frequently instead of tagging anyone specific....I'm Tagging You All..............

...Everyone in my blog roll and everyone who visits my blog (including the visitors that do not have blogs).....You are all Inspirational!... and you all Make My Day!!

Thank you So Much every one of you!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Your Top Banana With Me!

Here is my card made with "Monkey Mike".....just one of High Hopes Fabulous New Stamps.

I also used the "Your Top Banana With Me!" ..... "Single Banana" and "Banana Tree". All are from High Hopes recent New Release of stamps.

Here's the recipe.....

I used Prismacolor pencils (OMS) and H20's to deepen the shading on the Monkey and Banana.

I stamped the banana tree on a light yellowish paper with Old Olive.

I cut around the Monkey's hand with an exacto knife to hold the banana.

The basic grey paper is a Xmas paper ....but I think it worked well here.

The Cute Monkey and sentiment are on foam pop-ups.

Stamps: All High Hopes Rubber Stamps

Paper: whisper white, always artichoke, costco, basic grey, micheals

Ink: black stazon, versafine green, bashful blue, creamy caramel, close to cocoa, garden green, old olive

Accessories: firbre, cord, hemp, eyelets, stitching, foam popups, acrylic paint, su marker-old olive.

You can find Tutorials to color this Monkey here......

Prismacolor and H20 Tutorial #1

Prismacolor and H20 Tutorial#2

Backgrounds Tutorial!

Thanks for looking Everyone!! ...Have a Great Day!!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Prismacolor-H20s and Background Tutorials all Up! Questions Answered Here!

All the tutorials now follow this Post...

Prismacolor-H20 #1 is followed by #2 and which is followed by the Background Tutorial

I wanted the Tutorials to run into each other in the proper way that they should....(trying to make it easier for someone if they want to follow along step by step)

**I'm editing this post to Answer Questions**

"What are H20's and where can you buy them??"

H20's are little watercolor cakes with a shimmer built in. Each color has its own little container. I find they respond to a damp paintbrush so easily...compared to other watercolor cakes....which not only makes them faster to use for shading but does not require very much water making them ideal for paper.

Here is the description the LuminArte site has for their H20's...

"The most popular line of paints from LuminArte. Twinkling H20s are fun, scrumptious, shimmery, lightfast watercolor cakes. Twinkling H2O's are watercolor cakes that are incredibly shimmery, non-toxic acid free, lightfast and safe for all ages to use! Simply dip a wet paintbrush or waterbrush into the solid cake of color and begin to paint!You can use this paint on paper, canvas, rocks, wood and even Easter Eggs! They are currently available is 156 colors, convenient packaging options as specified below and also available in large individual pots. Use Oyster or the iridescent colors - to lighten the other colors without losing the shimmer. Use colors in Kit TW-606 for adding metallic accents"

and here is the link to this site:

I have bought H20's online in Canada at:

Stamp and Scrap Canada They ship to US as well. Here is the link for the H20's

I'm sure there are many other places to buy them in this world ......If anyone does not mind sharing where they bought their H20s please feel free to list some of them in my comment section...and I will compile a list.


"Where do you buy paperstumps?"

I buy my paperstumps (actually called paper stomps or tortillons) from Micheals in a pkg .....but prefer to buy them at Hobby Lobby ....they work better and are cheaper. I also have ordered them from Curry's in Canada.......good variety and price.....Here is the link....

the BT1 and the BT3 should work fine. I don't have any of the BT5..they are very thin...but I suppose for very small areas they would be fine. If you have a art store around they will sell them too.

Again if anyone would like to share where they buy their paper stomps ...that would be wonderful!!

Just in Case anyone is interested Currys also sell the prismacolor pencils at a good sets......singly.....and a large variety...

*If there are anymore Questions I will edit this post to add them.*


Now....I'd like to Thank you all for looking! ..and your Wonderful comments!!

You've all made it a Joy to Share!!!

Have a Great Day Everyone!.............Ila

Prismacolor and H20 Tutorial!..#1

The Monkey I used is from High Hopes Stamps....His name is "Monkey Mike" and he is one of there New Releases! Isn't he a Sweetie?

Here is a list of the Prismacolor Pencils I used on this Monkey Mike:

Sienna Brown - PC945

Light Peach - PC927

Process Red - PC 994

Crimson Red - PC 924

These 4 colors are very common colors for me to use. Meaning.... when Iuse a brown ..Sienna brown is the one I use the most. Light Peach and reg Peach are the ones I use most often for faces. Crimson Red is the one I use most often for cheeks. Process red or any pink will do for ears ...bellies...on this image Process Red looked the best to me.

I love Prismacolor pencils and add to them whenever possible. Everyone has their own taste in colors well certain images and occasions call for certain colors. Prismacolors come in a Fantastic amount of colors and when blended with OMS...they brighten up like a marker.

There are many different types of OMS (oderless mineral spirits)..Some people use Gamsol. Gamsol is one OMS that is not readily available around here so I use Mona Lisa OMS. I buy it at Micheal's for around $9.00. To keep the OMS easily available for use I cut a cosmetic sponge to fit in a little paint pot container .....I then pour a little of the OMS inside. The container has a lid so I can use OMS this way for several days before it dries out. I use paper art stumps to blend....I try to use a different one for each color family .....and to clean some color off for the next one... I just wipe it across some copy paper.

There are many Wonderful and more thorough tutorials out there for Prismacolor Pencils and OMS.

Here are a few...

I must tell you all that this is my first Tutorial......and I have no idea what I am doing! Whether I am saying too much or too little....I don't want to bore you all. I also hope I don't make this all seem complicated....because none of it is. It is all very easy to do....If you have any questions please feel free to ask!

The following Prismacolor and H20 Tutorial..#2 will be including how to use the H20's. I will post it later.

Thanks for looking and I hope you all had a Wonderful Easter!!

Prismacolor and H20 Tutorial #2

These are the Prismacolor Pencils I used for this tutorial....

Sienna Brown - PC945

Light Peach - PC927

Process Red - PC994

Crimson Red - PC924

A word about shading....

Shading brings out the depth in an image. The nice thing about High Hopes Stamps is that the artist already shades on a lot of the images ....not sure where to shade?.....just look at the little dark marks she leaves in certain areas easy is that?

The H20's I used for this tutorial were. ..

Chestnut Brown

Ruby Red

I use these 2 colors very often. A person generally needs fairly deep or dark colors.....depending on what prismacolor pencils are used for the base color.....all I'm doing is deepening the shade of those colors. If you don't have the right color you can also use regular cake watercolors, watercolor crayons or pencils.....just take your damp brush and run the long end across the crayon or pencil..and shade the area. I like to use H20's because they are so responsive with very little water....and of course ..who doesn't like the sparkle.....but sometimes I don't have the right color either.

I will name a few more colors that I use fairly often here though (not used in this tutorial)....but only because I have been asked what I use by so many. You will generally use colors you love to use on your projects try to think of that when you buy your colors. It is not necessary to buy the big ones....the little ones will last for years.

Cinnamon Brown........Cedar Wood..........Sunburst...........Passion........Forrest green......Golden jade

Olive vine.......Cranberry........Poppy red...........Blue Flame...........Majestic blue...........Snapdragon

Rich Cobalt..........Icy Iris........Sweet Lavender.........China Black.......Chesnut Brown......Ruby Red

These are all only a really depends on the colors you like to use and see. I have also mixed a little of China Black with a color to make it darker. I just use my brush to dabble a little of the color on deli or waxed paper and add the tiniest bit of black. Since I usually only need a very small amount this works for me.

There is a new product that should be out soon or already is. They are called Pearlescent Water Colors from Yasumoto and they are very reasonably priced...they may work just as well as h20's. I really don't know very much about them other than that....but if anyone else does or has tried them please let me know how they work.

***Be sure to use the Acrylic paint last on your image.....They will cause a resist...meaning you can't go over them with either the prismacolor pencils, watercolor or ink. I use a stylus for the dots or a toothpick. I use a # 10 liner brush for the lines (on the feet). The paint I use is Delta white and Autumn Brown...but any brand acrylic brown and white will do. For years I have used a clear piece of plastic to overlay my finished image to put dots here and there or even a sentiment to see if I like it. I use any cheap clear plastic that pkg other items I've bought. I cut them down to card size and wipe them off after I use them. You can also use the plastic that comes with the Stampinup jig.


Leonie recently asks in the Tutorial #1 comment section:

I've a question about the paper stumps. They are pretty big and how do you make sure you don't cross the black line?


The paper stumps come in all different sizes....I use smaller point ones for finer areas. Hobby Lobby sells paper stumps in different sizes...if you can find an art will have an even larger selection.

If you do go out of the's really not a big deal .....Watercolorists do it all the time. But if it bothers you ....a white eraser or magic rub eraser can be used on its point to lighten the boo..boos. Rub from the outside of the image in. I will also be following this tutorial with a Background tutorial. ........after I do the background I never notice the little spots where I went over the line.

I can't think of anything else......feel free to ask me any questions!!

Thanks for looking!!...Have a Great Day!!

Background Tutorial!!

You can use any color of inks for the backgrounds....I find classic or dye based works the best. On the sky I sometimes add Buckaroo blue over the bashful blue..just to give it a different hue.

I'm sure you could use soft stencil brushes or sponges instead of mop brushes....just be sure to tap off some of the ink so it is dry and soft.

I think that just about covers this. Feel free to ask if you have any questions!

Thanks for looking and Have a Great Day!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008


I hope everyone is getting a little bit of spring this weekend. Right now it is snowing here....2-4cm forcasted for today and a little more tomorrow.....and Sunshine for Sat and Sun...hopefully that will take care of the snow. Enough of this weather talk..

I'm hoping this ATC will bring on a little smile and a feeling of Spring! I have not made very many ATC' I'm a little new at this small scale art. I had fun though and am participating on 2 challenges with little Tilda who is from Magnolia.

The first challenge is Tilda and Friends ATC Challenges This week the ATC has to have something to do with chocolate....either to eat or used on the I used Chocolate Chip cardstock for the background.

The second challenge is to participate in Bea's 50,000 visitor celebration and blog candy. this challenge is to have pink on the project. Bea has a Fabulous blog called sure to visit.

Recipe for this ATC

I used prismacolor pencils (OMS) and Twinkling h20's to deepen the shading.

Stamps - Magnolia Tilda

Paper - whisper white, chocolate chip, makin' memories, basic grey

Ink - versafine black, creamy caramel, old olive

Accessories - cord, bling, butterfly from dollarama, stickles, brad, charm

Thanks for looking and your wonderful comments!! I'm hoping to post again before Easter ...but if by some chance life gets in the way ......May you all have a Blessed and Happy Easter!!!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Easter Blessings! and High Hopes New Release!!

Remember to go to High Hopes today to see the Fabulous New Stamps being released today!!

I just got my High Hopes happy pkg this afternoon..Yay!! it will take me a day or two to get a card up. I have to leave for the city today....maybe I can mount them on the

To see cards made with the new stamps check out the previous post and the DT galleries listed on my side bar or you can go to this link ...CARDS see all the cards being made by the DT team

This card was made with a Bunny stamp from the previous High Hopes new release....I used the SC167 sketch to make this card.

Coloring was done with prismacolor pencils (oms) and H20's to deepen the shading.

The sentiment is computer generated and there is diamond glaze on the bunny's nose and teeth. (not very visible in the photo.)

Stamps: High Hopes and computer for sentiment

Paper: Whisper white, autumn leaves and DCWV

Ink: Versafine Black, creamy caramel, bashful blue, buckaroo blue

Accessories: ribbon, stickles, baubles, computer, diamond glaze, rick rack

Thank you all so much for looking and your Wondeful comments!!

Have a Great Day!!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Another High Hopes New Sneak Peek!

Here is another Sneak Peek!!

High Hopes new release day is fast approaching!! March 15th is the date!! You are all going to love these Fabulous stamps.

Check out Crissy's Gallery .... Kraftin' Kimmie's Korner and Patterned Paper for a peak at a some Fabulous cards already made with stamps from this New Release!!..and hop on over to Katharina's Creative Place to get in on some New Release blog candy!!

Have a Great Day!!..and Thanks for looking!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

"Thinking of You" and "High Hopes Sneak Peek!!"

The sweet little girl on this card is "Little Missy" ..and the cute little puppy is called "Scotty Dog" and you can find them both at High Hopes Rubber Stamps

The lovely paper I used for the background is a goodie from Crissy Armstrong and the sweet little smile charm is from Tina (owner of High Hopes)...Thanks so much Crissy and Tina.

I used SC165 sketch for this card.Images are colored with prismacolor pencils (OMS) and H20's.

Stamps: High Hopes, Studio G for sentiment

Paper: whisper white, dcwv glitter, dcwv textured, wild asparagus, making memories

Ink: versafine black, close to cocoa, bashful blue, buckaroo blue

Accessories: ribbon, cord, charm, bling, stickles, stitching, stardust pen

High Hopes Sneak Peek of the March 15 New Releases

The new coming High Hopes new releases are just Awesome!!! I can hardly wait to get my High Hopes happy mail. Some Design Team members have already recieved their pkg so keep a look out on all the High Hopes DT members galleries... listed on my side bar. You may even get to see a card made with these Fabulous images!!

Thanks for looking and all your kind comments!!!

Have a Great Day!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I have a few tags to catch up on ...the first one is by Inge ....Thank you Inge...This is nice, "little get to know you tag". You can check out Inges answers and Wonderful!! blog and creations right here...Patterned Paper.....

4 Jobs I’ve had:

Waitress's, child care, Ila's Crafts, Fuller brush sales.

4 movie’s I’ve seen:

The Notebook, Cinderella Man, A Beautiful Mind, Sound of Music

4 place’s I’ve been:

British Columbia, The Black Hills (north and south Dakotas), Manitoba, Alberta

4 place’s I’ve lived:

Melville, Saskatchewan

4 tv program’s I watch:

House, Medium, Ghost Whisperer, Criminal Minds

4 radioshows:

I probably listen the most to Town and Country, The Fox, and 620 Regina.

4 favorite foods:

Chinese, Steak, Swiss Chalet, Ice Cream

4 place’s I’d rather be:

I'm happy! ...right here at Home!

And now to tag 4 more ........just for fun, if you have time and haven't been tagged.





My next Tag is Blog Favorites.

Thank you so much Katharina, Anja and Lia. I am so honored to be picked as one of your favorite blogs!! ...Click on their names to check out their Wonderful Blogs and see their Fabulous Creations!!

Now I am to pick 10 more blogs...this is very hard ...I consider everyone on my blog roll a favorite... but...I will pick random names off my fav places....and.... I will include some new ones I have seen recently....(no obligation to play gals..only if you have time)











One more tag......This one is from June sure to check out her blog to see her fun answers and Fabulous creations!!

Here are the rules:

1. link to the person who tagged you... thank you, June! Simply Elegant Paper Crafts

2. post the rules on your blog.

3. share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself.

4. tag six random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs.

5. let each person know they've been tagged by leaving a comment on their site.

So here are the 6 things you may not know about me...(this is very hard cause I'm really quite boring!)

1. I am a tea collector....I must have 20 different types

2. I cut my hubby's hair...I use to cut our children's hair too.

3. I have the biggest cup in the house. (my hubby tells me this) ...since I have to reduce my coffee ....I'm making darn sure I get a good sized cup of it.

4. I like to walk near the center of the road...why? ...because I hate the angle at the side..near the curb. I swear my knees can tell. (So if you hear of a 52 yr old lady and her dog getting hit by a car.......).

5. I love flannelette pyjama pants and flannelette sheets in the winter.....I wonder if it has something to do with when I was a Mom was a big fan of flannelet sheets and pj's

6. I like playing with my dog.....we fight over nylabones...sometimes I think he's human...and I know when I have the bone...sometimes he thinks I'm a

I am going to skip #4 and #5.....and if anyone would like to play..wonderful...leave me a comment so I can come see your answers.

I will be back with a card soon and a High Hopes Sneak Peek of the Fabulous new stamps coming out March sure to check out Katharina's Creative Place and Kraftin' Kimmies Korner for Sneak Peaks of High Hopes New Release.

Have a Great Evening!!

Friday, March 7, 2008

High Hopes March "Project of the Month" Special!! and Ismaki Challenge

Yay!! the weekend is here...and my daughter Trina from Beinfait Sk is coming to visit. It's going to be so nice to see her.....we'll get a good visit in too cause she is staying overnight ..another Yay!!

The card I have today is made with the stamp set that High Hopes has on Special for the month of March...they include

Q-037 Teacher Angel

T-049 Teacher's Desk

J-068 School Background

E-126 Believe

The sketch I used for this card was made by Inge who is the guest this week in the Ismaki challenge #9. Be sure to check out Inges Blog "Patterened Paper" ...her creations are Amazing and Gorgeous!!!!

Thanks Inge..I loved using your sketch!!

I used prismacolor pencils (oms) and h20's to deepen the shading.The angels wings are glittered...although they don't show up very much in the photo. The Teacher and Believe are popped up. The apple is a brad from Tina (the owner of High Hopes)..Thanks was perfect for this card!

Stamps: All High Hopes Rubber Stamps

Paper: whisper white, fiskars, basic grey, k&company, wild asparagus

Ink: versafine black, close to cocoa, ruby red, olive green

Accessories: ribbon, brad, paper clip, staple, glitter, stitching, glitter

Thanks for looking Everyone!! and Have a Great Weekend!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Come for Tea

I have been very busy. Our little Buddy was neutered on Friday..... and to see my Hubby and I around him ....he may have as well have had a major operation! You would never believe we raised 5 kids. But he is doing very well. The vet says the worst thing for him is if he licks his wound. So we have a plastic cone to put on his head so he can't reach it....Well.... Buddy of course hates it... So if he looks like he is going to do some wound cleaning..all we have to do is show it to him and he immediately straightens up and backs away. Very Cute!!...He is doing well!

Come For Tea!!

You are all welcome!! I'll even get some cookies. Since I have had to curb my coffee have may types of tea...something for everyone!!

I love these little "Tea Angels".....from High Hopes. The cute little sentiment is from High Hopes and they have many Great sentiments suitable for tea drinkers...such as Tea Party....Tea for Two ... Hope your day is Tea-riffic! .. Friendship is our special-tea! ..and Come for Tea and there may be on the saying to take you there.

(click smaller photo on top for expanded view)

Here is the recipe for this card...

The SC162 sketch was perfect for this. I combined this challenge with the WT152 - polka dots...WT151 - staples and WT141- stitches. I've never used staples before although I've had the staples for over a year....just needed that little push I guess... I know I will be using them again.

The image was colored with Prismacolor pencils (OMS) and H20's. I used diamond glaze on the teapot and cups.

Stamps: All High Hopes Stamps

Paper: whisper white, K&company, wild asparagus, chocolate chip, blue bayou

Ink: versafine black, close to cocoa

Accessories: flowers, ribbon, bling, pearls, stickles, diamond glaze, staples, stitching, CB corner, flower punches

Thanks for looking!!....I've a few tags....I will get to a little later in the week.

Have a Great Day Everyone!! and thank you for all your Fabuluos comments!!