Thursday, July 5, 2007

Back from holidays and Tagged

We are back from holidays and hubby is back at work. Holidays were great but it is nice to be back. I am amazed at how much I missed stamping. More about holidays later and maybe even a few pics.....

I was Tagged by Charlene (be sure to check her's Wonderful!! Charly's Crazy Corner) I have to list 7 unknown facts about myself and then tag 7 other people, leaving a comment on their blog to let them know that they too, have been tagged.

1. Although I enjoy watching good movies...I am not a regular T.V watcher. I would rather be doing something stamping or creating something.....or being on the computer. In our previous house we had the computer in our living room...I loved that cause while hubby was watching T.V. I would check and read my mail etc...but still kind of felt like we were doing something together.

2. I love taking pictures ...(my family can attest to that) and lots of them ...of everything and anything ..birds..gardens...animals..barns....while were driving. I think the digital camera is the greatest invention ever. I also like taking little movie clips. When I was 10 yrs brother gave me his old 110 camera. I took a photo of an Elvis Presley poster pic from a record album ....(outside very close up) had the photo developed..took it to school and told all my friends I met Elvis and he let me take his pic. (I know...I know...what some kids will do for attention right?) Anyway everyone believed me...the photo really wasn't very good..but we were all kids and it was fun.

3. Wild flower gardening is sort of a passion for me. I have 2 gardens, one sort of wild and a more designed one. The wild one is always full of birds, bees, butterflies and this year a few wild rabbits. The designed one is oriental.

4. I love the water....I miss when my kids were all small and we took them to family swimming to practice what they learned at their swimming lessons.

5. I took piano lessons when I was 12-14. I actually did quite well but my interest changed to boys....that was it for the piano lessons.

6. I use to love to bake....and it too. I have to watch my sugar now so I only bake when company is coming..if that. Even putting it in the freezer doesn't help.... if its around ....I will eat it!

7. I have 5 fabulous children.....Trina 32, James 31, Crystal and Kimberley 27 (yes twins) and Darren 25. Now I hope I got all their ages right.

Okay...that is to tag 7 others. I am a little late in the game with this so if you've already been tagged feel free to count that.







I am going to leave it at so many have been tagged already.....Have a Great Day Everyone!!


KardKrazy said...

Ila, we have #1, 2, 3 & 4 in common. You lost me at love to bake -- although I, too, love to eat.
Thanks for tagging me. It seems like I just did this -- but I'll try to get to it soon.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info; its great leraning these unexpected things about people. Hope you had a great vacation.

Laura said...

I am sooo happy that you are back!!!! I only read the first comment you left and i am so happy! :) Can't wait to read the rest.
The ladybug is from TAC. You can see it here:
I think it is so cute!! I love those 'fuzzy' animal stamps. :)