Saturday, October 4, 2008

Tags & Awards

While I was on holidays I was tagged and received some Wonderful Awards. I hope I can remember them all. I am so honored to receive these Awards from all these Wonderful, Talented ladies. Please click on their names to go to their Fabulous blogs and see their Gorgeous Creations!!

I am passing on these Awards to all the Fabulous Blogs in my Blog Roll!!

I received the Javablu Award from ......Agnus, Dorte, Maria Jesus, Marit, Sandra and Nyten

Scrappy Do 2 U (Love Your Blog Award) One Sweet Blog Award from Trina, Karen and Charly

I have also been tagged by Linniepink, Michelle, Crissy, Lacey.... to "Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog some random, some weird".

This is going to be hard I have shared this twice before...and I am really not all that interesting....but I will give it a go anyway.

1. I love to sit and swing on our patio swing outside.....basically I like anything that rocks. In fact sometimes when I am standing talking to someone...I rock a little back and forth....I have to catch myself. Weird Huh???....and yes...I also have my own special rocking chair my hubby bought for

2. I love onions and garlic......baked onion soup is one of my favorites...and I love garlic in pretty well anything....well except for

3. I hate dusting.......and I leave it as much as possible....unless someone is coming over and then I run like mad to dust things off.

4. I have 4 older brothers....and when I was around 4 yrs old ..... I use to tell everyone that I was a boy too. I did not want to be a girl.......So my parents friends would come over and say, " Oh aren't you a pretty little girl?"......and I would get very agitated and say..."I'm not a girl...I'm a boy!". Did I really think I was a boy?...I don't think so...but who wants to be a girl in a house full of boys that are always doing fun stuff?

5. I love going on Road trips.........I really enjoy stopping along the way at different towns....checking out the stores or even just stopping at the gas stations that have convenience stores ...just to look around.

6. I use to love cross country skiing....I still do but haven't had time in the last few years. Anyway....hubby and I both loved it ...and we were even instructors for a kids ski club...called Jack Rabbit. When we were asked by the city to do it...they let all our kids join free......(all five)..what a great deal......and ...we had a great time.

7. I love taking a nice long bath....with lots of bubbles....Oh ...I like showers of course too....especially when I don't have much time....but I do enjoy a nice soak.

Well that is it for now......and If anyone else would like to play ....please leave me a message...I would love to come and read 7 random or weird things about you!!!

Have a Great Day!!!


Velta said...

Hey Ila ~ I cannot believe that I am the first to comment!!! Congrats on your awards! Just had to let you know that we have something in common...swinging and rocking!!! I have a patio with a wicker swing (posted on my site much earlier)and I swing almost everyday...also rocking...since I was a child...I have two of my fav rocking chairs in my den...thanks for sharing :)

Alexandra said...

Congrats on the awards Ila, you so deserve them!! LOVED reading about you, I love to go on road trips too, especially for the shopping! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

tineke said...

Congrats with all this award ila, you deserve them you made such a beautifull creations.
have i nice weekend
Tineke xx

Deborah said...

Congrats Ila! You are so deserving of these awards! Interesting to get to know more about our blog friends isn't it? Thanks for sharing! Hugs, Deb