Wednesday, June 10, 2009

We're Empty Nesters!!...more Robin pics and a video!!

The little robins flew away on June 3rd. I took a few photos and videos just before I went out to work in the garden. When I came back in I just caught the last robin flying out of the nest. I managed to get a few photos of one of them sitting on our trellis by itself...and with the parent robin.

It is a little sad to see the empty nest....but it sure was a wonderful experience to watch this little family. I wonder if they will come back next year...... they would certainly be welcome!!

I have one last video to share.......I've combined 3 little video clips it may seem a little long. Enjoy......

If you can't view it click..."here" Thanks so much for looking everyone .....and for your lovely comments!!.....I'll be back with a card tomorrow!!


Cass said...

What fantastic photos and videos Ila.It must be a bit sad seeing them leave.Thanks for sharing it.
Cass xxx

Penni said...

Your robins are beautiful, I expect you'll miss them now they're gone (I know I will, I've loved your updates !!!)

Maybe mummy robin will nest with you again next year.


Norunn said...

such wonderful pictures!! :D

Sue said...

Oh Ila I'm gonna miss them, what a wonderful joyful event to have witnessed, thank you so much for sharing these wonderful moments with us, hope you get some new tennants soon!! Sue xx


Oh Ila sorry to hear the robins have flown the nest, but it was great to share the whole experience with you. I shall look forward to it happening all over again next year! You can get back to some crafting nowhunny, missing your lovely creations! have a lovely day, big hugs Linda x

Cheryl Joshua said...

Awwww,so cute....thought you might be a little sad!!!
Hugs xx

Lacey said...

Fly away, little one! So sad...makes me think of how fast my kids are growing up!

Angelo said...

It's been so interesting and fun to follow your Robins together with you. Thanks a lot for sharing, Ila.
Have a great day.
Hugs, Kristin :)

alina said...

I've enjoyed everything, Ila, thank you for sharing, it was really wonderful! Good luck to the little robins!
I'm looking forward to your beautiful cards!
Hugs, Alina

dpkennedy said...

Thanks for sharing-how lovely to have had them share your home!

I found a baby cardinal on Monday early evening and at almost dark it was still sitting on the same spot in the lawn. I thought something wasn't quite right and rather than let it become dinner I decided to bring it in for the night. It was the softest, sweetest, prettiest little bird! I almost didn't want to put it in the box and just hold it all night. But alas, something was wrong and the little fella didn't last but an hour. Over night we had violent thunderstorms and it poured like mad all day Tuesday. I like to think that at least I kept the baby warm, dry, and safe in it's final hour...sniff.

I'm glad your have reached a happy ending and I look forward to hearing that they have returned next year!!

tineke said...

Oooohhhh so cute, can take my eye's of them
hugs tineke

Alex said...

WOW! They sure don't stay around long, do they, LOL! Fabulous pics Ila, how nice you have them! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Sally Cicada's Designs said...

All good things must come to an end they say...I love the fuzzy white feathers the baby robins have on their heads! They remind me of Alaistair Sim in the Christmas Carol when he wakes up Christmas morning and his hair is all over the place (LOL)! Thanks for sharing this little adventure--it was educational!

Carolyn King said...

awwww...I think we all will miss them!!!!

Nicki said...

Awww the baby birdies! so cute!
x said...

wow... fantastic!!! the babies birds are so lovely!!

thanks for comment my blog,
hugs from italy

Anonymous said...

Fabulous pictures Ila, they are just adorable.
I missed my blue tits fledging...but I can still hear them in the garden.
Carole x

GubyS Blog said...

Oh - that is sooooo beautiful - thank you for show it.

Hugs - Guby