Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Tagged !!

I've been tagged by Maria to list 7 random facts/habits about myself and then tag seven others. Sounds like fun...so here I go....

* I like to add 2-3 T. of melted real butter to my microwave diet popcorn....I know...I know..what's the point??

* I hate to see dirty dishes in the morning...in fact I even hate seeing dirty dishes in the sink!! Does that mean I am paranoid about washing them...nooooo........I love my dishwasher!!...and just keep storing them in there.

* I married my husband when I was 18...in fact we were both 18...we were like glue since we started dating. This year we will celebrate our 34th Anniversary!!

* I ran a homecraft business for over 10 yrs. Decorative, Folk Art Painting and Woodcrafts being the major part of it. My husband was my woodcrafter and we participated in many large craft shows. Two of my daughters make beautiful crafts as well and helped out tremendously with these shows. It was lots of work but also a lot of fun!!

* I love coffee.....I mean I really love coffee! I use to drink tons of it....(like a car needing fuel to run). I have to limit it now...drastically...and drink half decaffeinated ....but I still love it!!

* I smoked for almost 20 yrs. I quit in my 30's with my hubby. It was very hard but well worth it!!

* When I was fifteen I took Drivers Ed which was something new offered at that time in my school. Of course I got a early learners licence...convinced my parents that with this special licence I could drive by myself...borrowed their car and had a ball driving around with my friends... I know I was a terrible daughter.......but I certainly had no problem passing my drivers on the morning of my 16 th Birthday!!

Okay...that is seven random facts/habits about myself....Now to tag seven others to play ..if they can .. and haven't already been tagged. Have a great day everyone!!








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