Friday, February 22, 2008

Excellent Blogger Award

I have been awarded this Prestigious award by Beth, Sophia, Laurence and Marja. These ladies each have Excellent blogs showcasing Gorgeous Creations and tutorials. ....and I'm so honored that they included my blog for this award!! Thank you all so much!! (click on their names to check out their Fabulous blogs!!)

Now I am to choose more blogs for this award......I have too many! I will only name a few..... but..I consider everyone in my ever growing blog roll worthy of this award!!

Grab some coffee, tea or soda pop and check out these Talented ladies by clicking on their names. They all have Excellent blogs!!...You'll be busy for awhile....








dpkennedy said...

Ila, how nice! I am so honored to receive this award from such a talented artist! Thank you so much!! I love your blog too...and I just gasped at the new card you just posted...I must go look again, gawk and oogle, then comment! Have a wonderful day!!

Kristine said...

Awww...I feel so honored to get this award from someone as tremendously talented as YOU!! :) Really, Ila...THANK YOU!!

Velta said...

Oh my Goodness...Ila, you are just making me squeal....thank you for this honor...I mean good gosh! Coming from the talent of you. Okay, squeal is not a great word for this honor...what about "I think you are AWESOME" :)

Trina said...

Thanks for this great award!! You are the most excellent blogger and my biggest inspiration!! So thanks so much, and I am going to nominate you right back!!

Dee said...

Thank you so much for the award! Your the sweetest. What a great honor. Hard to believe you would award me when your the one that blows my mind and inspires me!! Thanks for making my day!