Friday, January 30, 2009

Tags and Awards!

It's time for me to do a post on the Awards and tags I've goes....

I've been tagged by Heather - Andrea and Kim - to - Open the folder "my pictures". In the 6th folder, take the 6th picture and post it on your blog. Write something about the picture.

This photo was taken in June....Chewbacca (Toy Shihtzu) my son's dog....Buddy is ours (Bichon/Shihtzu)...and Buster ( Maltese/Shihtzu) belongs to one of my daughters. Buster looks a little evil here...but honestly he's really's just a bad hair day or Anyway they have all come over to play....and it must be a rainy day....because that yellow towel on the floor is for wet paws.

I have received Awards from many Kind and Talented ladies! I apologize if I have forgot anyone....All these ladies have Fabulous can click on there names to enjoy them. ......................Maria Jesus - Maria Jesus - Viv -
Sue - Mel - Jilly -

Zoe - Risa - Jacqueline - Karen - Donalda - Mel - Jilly - Joey - Jo - Donalda - and the rules to accepting my award are as follows:A) first list 10 honest things about yourself - and make it interesting, even if you have to dig deep!

1. I love to color...I have since I was a child. My mother use to buy me these very small coloring books...They were only around 5x5 inches....around the size of a child's reading book. I use to love these little books and wouldn't allow anyone else to color in I still love to look at coloring books....and love the smell of good quality wax crayons.

2. I love any kind med for coloring.....I think I'm kind of addicted to trying everything...I've used oils, acrylics, water colors....pencils....any new thing comes along and I'm always itching to try it!!

3. I dislike when people cut other people off when they are doesn't matter who it is....I think it is Rude!!

4. Although I can color my images quickly ....when it comes to making a card takes me forever.. I take way too long choosing my papers...etc...

5. I don't like shopping when it the stores are crowded.

6. I am not crazy about pineapple on my pizza ...but put up with it because my family likes it.

7. I can't stand when people drink out of milk cartons......What?...too lazy to get a glass?

8. I hate waking up to dirty dishes. I just don't like seeing them..especially in the morning..being in the dishwasher is fine though

9. Sometimes it seems like this world is being taken over by junk mail and paper flyer's. I hate seeing them lying around all over...especially on the kitchen table!!

10. I use to smoke....I loved smoking .....but I gave it up in around 1988...and now....I'm like a Militant

I'm passing this along to everyone....

Lim - Andrea - Behsan - Rosalien - Camilla - Amy - Ruby - You have to write down five things you are addicted to. 1. stamps.... 2 anything paper crafts..... 3. computer.....4. coffee......5. ice cream

Thank You All for these Wonderful Awards!! I am so pleased and honored that you have all thought of me...and I passing them right back to you lovely people...and to everyone that visits this blog!!
Have a Great Day Everyone!!


joey said...

Hi Ila,a great 10 honests there, I dont like the drinking from a milk carton either ugh!. lovely piccy of the doggies. congrats on your awards well deserved. joey xxx

JoJo67 said...

Such a great weblog....and those Awards, wow!

It has been a while since my last visit (so busy) but going to try to visit your blog more often!

Have a great weekend!

MichelleO said...

Love the photo of the "family" dogs... and I love the new header with Buddy. I have been off line this week - as we lost Bonnie this week. It made me smile to see all of your puppies as your 6th folder 6th photo -

Velta said...

Congratulations Ila on you many awards...Love the pics of your pups...what sweet babies :)

6 wacky women said...

Congrats on your awards...they are well deserved.
Love the pic of the puppies they are soooo adorable.

Have a great weekend.

Karen x

jacque4u2c said...

I love the pictures of your doggies! I have two Shih-tzus, you have probably seen them on my blog. Raisin and Muffin. They are such a joy! Thanks for sharing yours with us! Congrats on your awards!

Anonymous said...

Hey girl! These pups are adorable! My little doll is 3/4 shihtzu and 1/4 bishon. Her mom was bishon. I LOVE her! :) So, I see my name here, am I supposed to do the one with 5 things??:) I think so, I will have to get to it!

Maria said...

Wow, you received lots of awards!! All well deserved.

I love all sorts of coloring medium too but I tend to stick to one that is closest to me to use and right now, it's my Copic Markers. If I don't see it, I don't use it.

Honestly. . .I'm a random designer paper picker. I just choose whatever matches my image color!! LOL! It does make the process of making a card much faster. At one time to help me not to be picky, I would close my eyes, and whatever my hand landed on, I'll use. Try it out. . it's sort of fun!!

Thanks for sharing all the honest things about yourself. It was fun reading it.


craftyb said...

Oh well done're a popular lass and deserve every one of these awards! I did enjoy reading your honesty points - I'm just so nosey!! bx

cats whiskers said...

Congrats on all these awards dear, and it is so nice to get to know things about you (I suppose I am nosey) but it is just nice to know about our blogging friends, hope you are keeping well dear
Big Hugs Jacqui x

Cheryl Joshua said...

Congratulations on all your awards,you truly deserve them!!! I don't like pineapple on pizza either....LOL....
Hugs Cherylxx

Anonymous said...

Wow Ila...congratulations on your fabulous awards!
Love the pictures of the dogs...aren't they so cute???
Have a nice weekend.
Carole x

Curt in Carmel said...

Loved reading your list. Makes me feel I got to know you better. I too was a smoker for 27 years, and quit almost 6 years ago because of my very sweet Shotsy. Anyway, thanks for sharing a bit of you! Best, Curt

Nixe07 said...

Congratulations on all these awards Ila. You really deserve them all!!
And what a great picture of your sweet dogs.
I have another Award for you
here :)
Have a great sunday.

Risa Malieta W. said...

Congratulations on all of your awards Ila. You are very deserving and admired by us ladies in blogland. *smile*
Thanks for sharing the pictures of your extended family. I bet when Buddy and his cousins are together, it is a riot at your house. *lol*
I also enjoyed reading your honest facts. I hate to wake up to dirty dishes also...yuk!!!
I also loved to color as a child. It was very important for me to stay in the lines and make my pictures look pretty. It's funny that small things like coloring with crayons could lead to something much bigger down the road. Oh well...thanks for sharing and have a great day!

dpkennedy said...

Cute little dogs! They must be fun! You are very deserving of all of those awards, yea!

Shirley said...

You really do deserve all of these awards. Congratulations.

Iren said...

I just wanted to say congrats with all Your awards!!!

And I loved all Your puppies!!! They are adorable!!!


Donna said...

great awards - love those facts about you. definitely share the love of coloring with you. I always had the hardest time deciding which page to color, couldn't narrow it doen! lately my cards are taking more time than they used to too - congratulations on quitting smoking! my mom died of Lung Cancer in '96 so I despise it - that addiction robbed me of having my mom around!