Monday, March 24, 2008

Prismacolor-H20s and Background Tutorials all Up! Questions Answered Here!

All the tutorials now follow this Post...

Prismacolor-H20 #1 is followed by #2 and which is followed by the Background Tutorial

I wanted the Tutorials to run into each other in the proper way that they should....(trying to make it easier for someone if they want to follow along step by step)

**I'm editing this post to Answer Questions**

"What are H20's and where can you buy them??"

H20's are little watercolor cakes with a shimmer built in. Each color has its own little container. I find they respond to a damp paintbrush so easily...compared to other watercolor cakes....which not only makes them faster to use for shading but does not require very much water making them ideal for paper.

Here is the description the LuminArte site has for their H20's...

"The most popular line of paints from LuminArte. Twinkling H20s are fun, scrumptious, shimmery, lightfast watercolor cakes. Twinkling H2O's are watercolor cakes that are incredibly shimmery, non-toxic acid free, lightfast and safe for all ages to use! Simply dip a wet paintbrush or waterbrush into the solid cake of color and begin to paint!You can use this paint on paper, canvas, rocks, wood and even Easter Eggs! They are currently available is 156 colors, convenient packaging options as specified below and also available in large individual pots. Use Oyster or the iridescent colors - to lighten the other colors without losing the shimmer. Use colors in Kit TW-606 for adding metallic accents"

and here is the link to this site:

I have bought H20's online in Canada at:

Stamp and Scrap Canada They ship to US as well. Here is the link for the H20's

I'm sure there are many other places to buy them in this world ......If anyone does not mind sharing where they bought their H20s please feel free to list some of them in my comment section...and I will compile a list.


"Where do you buy paperstumps?"

I buy my paperstumps (actually called paper stomps or tortillons) from Micheals in a pkg .....but prefer to buy them at Hobby Lobby ....they work better and are cheaper. I also have ordered them from Curry's in Canada.......good variety and price.....Here is the link....

the BT1 and the BT3 should work fine. I don't have any of the BT5..they are very thin...but I suppose for very small areas they would be fine. If you have a art store around they will sell them too.

Again if anyone would like to share where they buy their paper stomps ...that would be wonderful!!

Just in Case anyone is interested Currys also sell the prismacolor pencils at a good sets......singly.....and a large variety...

*If there are anymore Questions I will edit this post to add them.*


Now....I'd like to Thank you all for looking! ..and your Wonderful comments!!

You've all made it a Joy to Share!!!

Have a Great Day Everyone!.............Ila


Incredible CreatAbles said...

Great tutorial, I have been admiring your work and can't wait to try your techniques.

Marja Sch said...

Hello Ila I have never worked with H20. Can you tell some more about it. Where you buy it and how it works best. Are there different types.... You see there is still so much I don't know. Hugs Marja

Andrea, said...

Fabulous tutorials, I must have a go with some H2O's

Trina said...

Great tutorials!! I think the way you are showing them makes sense.
Thanks for trying to improve my coloring too!!

Debbie G said...

Great tutorials but you make it look and sound so easy!! Practice, Practice practice I guess!

Velta said...

Oh Ila ~ What a wonderful tutorial you have shared!! Of course, you are quite famous for your talent with coloring and blending. I believe you to be the BEST when it comes to coloring. I am learning from you and have posted my second Hoppy Easter this morning. Let me know what you think. Thanks for sharing your work :)

Sharon in NE said...

Ila, this is SO wonderful. I greatly appreciate all the work you did on this tutorial.

sophia landry said...

This is an awsome Tutorial Ila! I am so happy you put this up! I have been wanting for the longest time to see your coloring process! Awsome!

Krafty said...

Thank you for your tutorial - and especially the pictures! I understood your instructions, now I need to practice, practice, practice... I just bought my H20s on sale from

Jen Hoover said...

awesome tutorial!!! :D I love learning all the little tips/tricks! :D I heard that the stomps made in Tawain are better than the ones made in China -I know here in Ontario Michael's has the made in china ones and Curry's (Yes I live in Hamilton) ;) carries both.