Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Birthday Goodies and Cards!

Not only did I have a very Happy Birthday with lots of family, cake and presents. I was spoiled silly by all these fabulous people.

Again Thank You!! Everyone for all the Wonderful Birthday Wishes!!... Cards and Goodies!!

Trina (my daughter)

Crystal (my daughter)




High Hopes





Anonymous said...

What beautiful cards you received, Ila! Pleased to hear that you had a lovely day.
Maria x
(T&F group)

Flossie's Follies said...

These are great, glad to hear you ahd a wonderful day.

Marja Sch said...

They are lovely. I hope you have a lot of wonderful cardmaking years to come. Congrats Marja

Katharina said...

What terrific cards you got! I especially love the two of your daughters! They are so talented. Think they come after you :)
I am also very glad you liked my little card, it came from the heart! Have a wonderful day Ila!

malieta said...

Oh Ila.....your RAKs and birthday gift are beautiful!!!! You are very loved and it shows.

Sara in WI said...

Beautiful cards (and chocolate!)

alina said...

What nice for you , Ila ! The cards are just beautiful . Have a nice day .

Velta said...

You are so fortunate to have so many admirers and friends...I am so glad that your Birthday turned out so good!

MichelleO said...

Wow, looks like you received some wonderful cards!

Alexandra said...

Wonderful cards Ila - lucky you!


Beth Norman said...

What a wonderful set of cards you received. TFS.

sophia landry said...

Happy Belated you lucky,lucky girl! Love all those gorgeous cards you got! Hope you got everything you wanted.

Deborah said...

Goodness gracious Ila! All of the love that came your way is just wonderful! You are so very special! Be well, hugs to you, Deb

Trina said...

Wow Mom, You got some very amazing cards!! They are just beautiful!!

Donna said...

you're blessed! hope you had a great birthday!

dpkennedy said...

Happy Birthday Ila! What fabulous cards you received!! Have a great day!

craftyb said...

Image my ickle card being on here! I'm so glad you had lots of great mail days! bx