Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Special Awards!!

I recieved these Wonderful Awards from Tina at Yummy Scrummy Create (Ready Steady Go....) Thank you So Much Tina!! I'm so honered you gave me these awards!

Tina is a such a lovely person and her creations are Amazing and Beautiful! sure to check out her fabulous blog and be prepared to stay awhile.

Another hard decision....there are so many people who deserve these awards and I can only list goes. Be sure to check out these Fabulous blogs...all their creations are Gorgeous!



Marja Sch



Remember stress....if you are too busy or been tagged already ...just consider this an honour.


craftyb said...

Huge congratulations Ila...your blog is amazing and you are so generous in every way!

Thanks for mentioning my candy too...i didn't even notice that yesterday when I looked! Oops! bx

malieta said...

Congratulations on all three of your awards Ila!!!!! You deserve each and everyone of them!
Thank you for nominating me...what an honor Ila...cause in my eyes, you are an artist..and your cards rock!!!!

alina said...

Congratulations , Ila , with your awards ! I'm not surprised at all to see them on your blog , but I'm so surprised to find my name between the other nominations ! Thank you for this . It means really very much for me .

Tina said...

Ila you are so sweet with your words about my blog, you made me blush.... Thank you so much for mentioning me yet again, the honour is all mine... Big Crafty Hugs Tina xx